Acquire the Rights to the Minerals in 
Your Plot

The mineral estate of the land includes all unusual organic and inorganic substances. It forms a part of the soil that has useful properties and a special value.

Contact Pescador Land & Minerals LLC today if you need help in acquiring mineral rights. We'll carry out a proper inspection before helping you with mineral rights. You can always rely on our commitment to excellence.

Professional Agents to Help You Obtain Mineral Rights in San Antonio, TX 

Minerals are often severed from the surface estate. Such severance is accomplished with a conveyance or reservation of the minerals in a conveyance. This conveyance or reservation includes minerals or such substances considered as minerals. This is to include such things as natural gas. The conveyance or reservation also includes royalties, bonuses, and rentals.

Our knowledgeable and experienced agents, John Fisher and Calvin Smajstrla, will be with you from the commencement of your project till the end. We'll do the property inspection in your presence so you can understand the pros and cons of mineral acquisition.

John Fischer and Calvin Smajstrla will be your points of contact even after the completion of the project. Get in touch with us today!

Extensive Assistance for Mineral Rights

  • Project management
  • Pipeline and electrical right of way acquisition
  • Title research
  • Document preparation and review
  • Route and site selection
  • Construction liaison
  • Damage settlements
  • Negotiations
  • Survey permission and notification and regulatory permitting
  • Well staking and surface use agreements
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210-601-7741 for more information on our services.
Our agents are proud members of associations like the AAPL, the IRWA, and the SAAPL. Contact us today!
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