Reliable Surface Rights and Project Management Services

A certain amount of surface space is needed for you to be able to drill a well and keep it in production throughout its life. Before commencing any activity, get your surface inspected by our team. From documentation to surface checking, we'll provide you with comprehensive project management services.

At Pescador Land & Minerals LLC, we'll provide you with the following services for your peace of mind:
  • Surface and mineral acquisition and project management
  • Land abstract service
  • Surface land and below the surface research for your property

Let Our Agents Help You Get Surface Rights Without Hassle

From the beginning of your project till the end, our team of professionals will bring the highest level of fairness and integrity while working with you.

For your convenience, we'll inspect your property in your presence to help you understand how your property may be affected in certain situations. Even after the completion of the project, our agents will be your points of contact to handle all your concerns. Contact us today!

Our Surface and Project Management Services Include:

  • Project management
  • Pipeline and electrical right of way acquisition
  • Title research
  • Document preparation and review
  • Route and site selection
  • Construction liaison
  • Damage settlements
  • Negotiations
  • Survey permission and notification and regulatory permitting
  • Well staking and surface use agreements 
Call John and Calvin at 
210-601-7741 for more information on our project management services.
You'll be glad to know that John Fisher and Calvin Smajstrla are proud members of associations like the AAPL, the IRWA, and the SAAPL. Contact us today!
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